Look At These Animals Sleeping

By Matt Kachur


Well, that doesn’t look like a comfortable pillow! But, then again, can’t cats anywhere?


Never mind that cat’s pillow. What kind of mattress is this?


Is the alligator sleeping, or getting reading to pounce?


Even the king of the jungle has to sleep some time.


Contrary to what you may have heard, cows do NOT sleep standing up.


And neither do horses!


That’s not a throw pillow—it’s a sleeping ferret!


Hang on to that tree trunk, sleeping squirrel monkey!


Koala bears are cute, but maybe not so much when they wedge themselves into a tree to go to sleep.


Well, at least wasps can’t sting you when they’re sleeping…


This lizard is sleeping, although with most lizards, it’s hard to tell.


Come on, otter guys, I’m still sleeping!


This giraffe is NOT sleeping. It’s hard to get a picture of a sleeping giraffe—they only sleep 20 minutes a day.


Thankfully, animals in the wild don’t need special sleeping arrangements.

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