5 Foods to Make You Dream

By Sarah mckenzie

Did Jon Hamm sneak into your dream last night? Don’t feel guilty and tell your husband! Blame that cheddar cheese you were snacking on last night! Rather than a desire to be adulterous, those cubes of delicious cheddar may be the cause of your lustfully pleasant dreams as of late.  While there are many theories about why we dream what we dream, we can’t ignore the potential power of foods and digestion on our dream states.

Here are some foods, and how they might be affecting your nightly romps into the unconscious:


According to a study done by the British Cheese Board in which participants were instructed to eat two-thirds of a piece of cheese a half hour before bed, cheddar may be the cause of any pleasant dreams you have, while blue cheese may be making your dreams more bizarre.  If you’re looking to inject some rainbows, French models, fields of daisies, or Jon Hamm into your dreams, do try some cheddar cheese and crackers as an appetizer at dinner time; if you’d rather float down the rabbit hole in an Alice and Wonderland trippy dream, add gorgonzola cheese to your salad before bed. You might just spot the white rabbit!

Fatty Foods

Did you indulge in a hamburger or chow down on a huge southern cooking inspired meal today? According to a study done in 2000 by the Journal of Mind and Body, your dreams may turn into nightmares of the “I’m naked at work” variety, thanks to the heavy duty work your digestive system is doing to break down those fatty foods you ate, according to Web MD. Then there’s the heartburn and gas, which aren’t exactly sleep-friendly, pleasant dream helpers. Avoid the binge before bed!

Foods Containing L-tryptophan

Are you finding yourself needing a peaceful dream, or a few extra hours of shut-eye? Dr, Lori Shemek says that foods containing the amino acid L-tryptophan, are said to help induce peaceful sleep and dreams, although beware: you can have very intense dreams from such foods! Our bodies do not make L-tryptophan, an essential amino acid and protein building block, so we must get it from foods like milk, cheese, fish, poultry, meat, eggs, beans, and more if we want to have those peaceful dreams.

Note: Turkey may contain L-tryptophan but even Snopes.com, a site known for sniffing out lies and heresy, has laid to rest the rumor that turkey will make you pass out cold at Thanksgiving. It’s actually the huge meal, carbohydrates, alcohol, and turkey that causes you to be comatose on Turkey day but foods containing L-tryptophan can give you those blissful dreams you’re looking for, especially since many of the foods that contain L-tryptophan, like fish, also contain vitamin B6, which helps dream recall! So you might be recounting your dream vividly the next day.

Chocolate Before Bed? No More!

As much as a delectable dark chocolate dessert is tempting, the caffeine and sugar in chocolate, especially dark, may cause you to not only have a restless night of sleep but also bad dreams. Chocolate also contains theobromine, which increases your heart rate and causes sleeplessness. As delicious as chocolate is, you may want to hold off on those Godiva truffles tonight.

Milk: Does a Dream Good

Milk contains melatonin, which can give you the beauty sleep you’re dreaming of. Melatonin helps you sleep longer, so expect some good REM sleep and dreams when you have a glass of milk before bed!

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