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About Us

Why Sleep:

One of the first questions that we often encounter when discussing why we founded Sleep School is “Why Sleep.” Why would we create an educational supersite and programs that are devoted to those hours that seem to be the least productive or enjoyable hours of the day.

Quite simply it is because sleep is the most important activity of your day!  Good sleep is critical to your health, your mental clarity, your disposition and your overall well-being.  Your body knows this – which is why you get sleepy and why, when working correctly, it keeps you sleeping for hours at a time.  Your body needs sleep to repair and create healthy cells. Sleep affects almost every tissue in our bodies. It effects your cardiovascular health, your appetite, your breathing and blood pressure and it is crucial to the creation of growth and stress hormones and bolstering our immune systems.  People who get good sleep are generally healthier and happier people!

But in this busy world, with our hectic lifestyles, we tend to take sleep for granted and try to expand our awake time so we can do more – at the expense of sleep. Our body responds by creating greater fatigue and we respond with caffeine and energy drinks – until finally our bodies break down and the compounded stressors take their toll.

Sleep Deprivation : Why We Have Sleep Disorders:

According to the National Sleep Foundation there are over 70 million people in the United States who suffer from some form of Insomnia – with an astounding 62% of Americans experiencing some form of sleep problems a few nights a week.  Gallup Polls show that 40% of Americans get less than the recommended amount of sleep and a Global sleep survey by Philips shows that 80% of people rank sleep as the highest factor in wellbeing.  Plus, sleep deprivation has been linked to a host of other health issues such as heart disease, mental illness, diabetes, obesity and more.

These statistics become even more compelling when they are coupled with other situations that can make healthy sleep even more of a challenge, such as that facing new parents, shift workers, travelers, caretakers, and more!

But despite the astounding needs in the area of sleep there was no singular place that the general public could go to for help with improving their sleep – until now!

Enter Sleep School – your one-stop location to find News, Products, Expert Advice and Social Interactivity, coupled with local events and professional training programs – all geared to helping you to sleep soundly!

Why you need Sleep School:

  • A content rich Sleep-Site filled with information you need to help you to identify the type of sleep issue you are experiencing and the solutions that others have found in dealing with your concern.
  • A daily Sleep-Mail that offers continual support – uplifting content and daily sleep tips.
  • An expert Sleep-Help Directory that can match you with professionals and centers who are successfully helping others with your specific sleep issues.
  • Sleep –Goods products and product reviews that will help you to navigate the best sleep products on the market
  • Local Sleep School events that bring you together with nationally respected sleep professionals and product vendors that offer you “hands-on” demonstrations and down-to-earth practical advice.
  • Sleep School Professional training programs for those entering the sleep profession or looking to expand their skills and expertise.

It seems only fitting that Sleep School was founded in New York City.  We are a city that takes pride in our reputation of “the city that never sleeps!”   Our goal is to help New York – and the rest of the world – to get the sleep they so richly need and deserve!