Best Sleep Trackers on the Market

By Chris Hutton

With so many trackers flooding the market, it’s hard to know where to spend your money. Here are the top 4 sleep trackers, in descending order.

4. Product: Beddit

How it works: a bed-based sensor and app combo that’s designed to track a user’s sleep through their bedsheets.

Pros: great way to track your sleep habits without wearing a band; not battery-powered

Cons:  results may be skewed if more than one person is sleeping in the bed, and sleep tracking isn’t automatic. Also, the data is heavily affected by rolling off bed

Where to buy: Amazon

How much: App is free on Android/iOS. The pads cost $119

Best thing: No band chafing

Worst thing: Having to adjust the sensor every time you change your sheets.

Reviewers recommendation:  Worth a try


3. Product: Misfit Shine

How it works: Basic wrist sensor that mixes a simple accelerometer with a basic visual design.

Pros: simple functionality, and it can track the difference between heavy, light, and REM sleep. It’s also waterproof

Cons: IT requires user to have an iPhone

Where to buy: Amazon, Misfit store

How much: $69

Best thing: Ease of use

Worst thing: incompatibility with Android

Reviewers recommendation: highly recommended


2. Product: Jawbone UP2

How it works: Basic accelerometer and heart sensor that tracks body movement

Pros: It’s comfortable, good looking, and accurate

Cons: It does not have a heart rate tracker, and cannot be used in water

Where to buy: Amazon/Best Buy

How much: $99

Best thing: Great value for its price

Worst thing: It’s not good for swimmers

Reviewers recommendation: Definitely should buy


1. Product: Fitbit One

How it works: It’s an accelerometer that can be clipped onto a belt, pants, shoes etc.

Pros: It’s easy to use, comfortable, and fully functional

Cons: The Bluetooth connection is finicky and easy to lose.

Where to buy: Amazon/Best Buy/FitBit store

How much: $99

Best thing: Easy to use

Worst thing: Easy to lose

Reviewers recommendation: Worth considering if you want a non-band option.

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