Sleep Fashion: What’s Your Type?

By EK Hudson

Come on, everyone’s got a type. Which one are you?

1. The comfy lump

Comfy lump

Who knows what you’re wearing? It’s hard to tell where clothes end and the bed begins let alone see any part of your body. You hibernate while you and from inside your nightly cocoon the world seems like a better place. At least until it’s time to get up.

2. Dainty daffodil

Dainty daffodil

You have a matching pj set that you’re proud of. Maybe they’re lacy, maybe they’re flannel, but one thing is for sure, if you had to get up and evacuate your house in the middle of the night, you would be the best-dressed on the block.

3. The nudist


It’s like skinny dipping, you have to try sleeping naked at least once to experience the sensation but for you it’s a nightly occurrence. It just feels better to commune with nature, and by that we mean your sheets, while sleeping in your unclothed glory.

4. The lonely shepherd

Lonely shepard

You’re alone in the hills, the night is getting cold and there’s no one around to cuddle except the fluffy pillow sheep huddled around you as if their lives depended on it. You’re bear hugging at least one pillow decked out in some kind of poncho. On the mountain top that is your bed, the hills are alive with the sound of snoring.

5. The vampire


You’re a creature of the night who’s most at home in the pitch black you artificially create because, obviously, your city hasn’t been as dark you need it to be since your birth some couple odd hundred of years ago. Your sleepwear is all black, naturally, and if you ever were to see the light of day (or a streetlamp) you’re sparkling skin would put Rob Pattinson’s to shame. You laugh mercilessly at the concept of a night light.

6. The robot

Robot alt 2

Before getting cozy in bed you deck yourself out with some form of machinery. Whether it’s a retainer or headgear for that bright, well-designed smile or a CPAP machine for , in your slumbering hours you become what science fiction nerds everyone fantasize about — a hybrid human/robot. In true superhuman form, you’re wearing a spandex one-piece that etches out every muscle in your body.

7. The crazy cat lady

Cat lady

You have cats. You don’t care what you wear so long as it pays homage to the animal you worship through either the image of a cat or some kind of cat-adjacent cultural reference. All your clothes are covered in cat hair. You fall asleep talking to your favourite new kitten explaining where to find the litterbox.

8. The socialite


You pass out in the same clothes you wore for the day/night out. Makeup, jewelry, clothes are relatively in tact and you’re ready to do it all over again once you remember why you’re not wearing your signature sleepwear.

9. The sheet stealer


Like a Greek god, every night regardless of what you begin the night wearing you end up in a toga. Your bedmate frequently complains that you hog the sheets but they’re blind to the reality; you’re a subconscious fashionista and their personal warmth/comfort is just below you.

10. The rapper


Long shirt and baggy pants down to your mid-thigh are the stables of this look. A gold chain is recommended but not compulsory – we know you probably care too much about your bling to wear it to bed. If you’re hat’s close by, bonus points, as you never know when that hotline could bling.

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