Sleep Tracker Programs

By Chris Hutton

There are two key parts to a personal ; the sensor and the app. First, you have to have a proficient fitness/ tracker that can accurately record all of your body movements via an accelerometer. Then you need an app that can gather all of that movement data and turn it into something practical. There are some smartphone apps that do not require a user to wear a fitness tracker in order to determine their sleep state. These apps tend to be less reliable than the fitness-tracker enabled apps, since they aren’t as close to the user’s body. On the flip side, they tend to be cheaper or free.

Here’s a list of the top three tracking programs

1. Product: Sleepbot

How it works: It tracks motion, records sound, and acts as an alarm.

Pros: It has multiple functions

Cons: It has high power costs while using those functions.

Where to buy: App Store/Google Play

How much: Free

Best thing: the cost

Worst thing: Its Oversensitivity

Reviewers recommendation: Worth a try; it is free, after all.


2. Product: Sleep as Android (Android, $5)

How it works: tracks your sleep patterns and sounds, uses data to wake you up at optimal time

Pros: The alarm function,

Cons: The pricing model is complicated

Where to buy: Google Play

How much: $5 to unlock after 2 week trial

Best thing: It has a customizable sleep function

Worst thing: The app tricks you into thinking it is free

Reviewers recommendation: Try before you buy


3. Product:

How it works: it tracks your sleep patterns and sounds, and uses data to wake you up at optimal time.

Pros: Premium features like extra data metrics, white noise machine, heart rate integration.

Con: The app’s battery and alarm functions are glitchy at times.

Where to Buy: App Store

How much: $5 a month

Best thing: Ability to track heart rate via third party accessories

Worst thing: Cost

Reviewers recommendation: Worth trying for premium features

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